Speculation About Palin's 2012 Plans Will Be Over by September

Sarah Palin gave herself a deadline to decide last night on Fox News

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Sarah Palin's guessing game on her candidate status may last only a month or two more. Last night, on Fox News' Hannity, she suggested that August or September would be the proper time for her to give a definitive "yes" or "no" to actually running for president. Via Taegan Goddard and at GOP 12, what she actually said still left a lot of wiggle room:

"Well, legally, of course, there are time frames, and that time is coming rapidly in front of all of us. August and September you do have to start laying out a plan if you are to be one to throw your hat in the ring, so that's basically the time frame."

The soundbite clip is embedded below, the full segment with Hannity (so you can read into even more noncommittal statements) is here.

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