Ross Downplays Bachmann Shove: 'Roughed Up Is Far Overblown'

ABC News reporter tells The View about how a Bachmann aide got physical with him

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The story yesterday was that Michele Bachmann's people had "roughed up" ABC News reporter Brian Ross, giving him a "Mafia"-style brush-off when he tried to ask her a question about her migraines. Ross reportedly followed Bachmann after she gave a statement on the headaches, trying to ask her if she had ever missed a House of Representatives vote because of a migraine. That's when a guard or staffer did, well, something physical to get Ross away (a grab, a shove, a push--it's been described different ways). Today, the Bachmann campaign has defended the aide's actions as justified, and Ross himself downplayed the level of violence when he appeared on The View. "Roughed up is far overblown," Ross told Whoopie Goldberg and her co-hosts. Ross said the staffers "came up and pushed me away" when he tried to ask his question, then he went on to talk about how the migraines could affect her job as president. Check out his whole appearance on the video below.

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