Ron Paul's First TV Ad Is a Movie Trailer

His 60-second ad spot will hit TV airwaves on Friday

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After notable ad buys by the Tea Party darling and the placebo candidate, Ron Paul becomes the latest to debut his presidential movie trailer on airwaves in Iowa. Politico reports that the 60-second spot "is part of a six-figure ad buy in the early-voting states" as the libertarian icon revs up his all-or-nothing campaign. And the theme of the ad plays to Paul's strengths: its an urgent plea for Republicans to choose "conviction" over "compromise" in the debt ceiling debate. And no one can accuse the congressman of being the "compromise" candidate.

It's a little odd, however, that Paul's campaign decided to add Hollywood "flair" to the ad, as Politico described it. Choosing a film aesthetic (it even includes a "approved for all audiences" green band) only highlights the production values. And, unfortunately, the campaign picked the same generic, "urgent" background music featured in every low-budget action film trailer--including the Atlas Shrugged adaptation that no one watched earlier this spring. Both trailers:

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