Obama's $86 Million Haul Outpaces All GOP Candidates Combined

The Obama re-election campaign and the DNC had a huge second quarter

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Jim Messina, the president's reelection manager, has released a video sharing the campaign's haul in the last three months: a combined $86 million between the Democratic National Committee and Obama For America (the name of the campaign). To put that enormous figure in perspective, as Taegan Goddard and Politico's Morning Score have already done, the take more than doubles that of all the major GOP candidates combined (they took in $33.1 million). It may not be an apples-to-apples comparison, but remember: Mitt Romney reported raising $18.25 million in the past three months.

In the video, below, Messina takes viewers through the groundwork the campaign has laid so far. As The Atlantic's Steve Clemons detailed: the reelection effort has 60 field offices nationwide, has held 31,000 face to face meetings, and organized 650 grassroots sessions. This screen grab of the established field offices is striking, especially at a time when most GOP candidates seem mainly camped out in Iowa and New Hampshire:

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