Obama Tries the Reagan Card: He'd Make a Deal

President invokes the Great Communicator in interview with CBS

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The negotiations for a debt deal go longer and the calendar marches closer towards the August 2 deadline. President Obama met with house negotiators again on Tuesday for two hours, the longest meeting they've had yet. Very little progress was made, and Obama gave an interview to CBS News Tuesday night saying he could "not guarantee" Social Security checks would go out if a deal doesn't get done. Later in the same interview with CBS News Obama brought up the former president Ronald Reagan in order to urge Republicans to make a deal, the Los Angeles Times reports. "Ronald Reagan repeatedly took steps that included revenue in order for him to accomplish some of these larger goals. And the question is, if Ronald Reagan could compromise, why wouldn't folks who idolize Ronald Reagan be willing to engage in those same kinds of compromises?" Obama said. Reagan ruled with Democratic Houses and made deals with them to increase revenue, though he did cut taxes considerably, which is exactly what the Republicans want.

Rep. Allen West, a Republican from Southern Florida, told The New York Times that Obama's comments about Social Security checks are "sad and pathetic." The Times is reporting that the hard-line sentiments of House members like West are influencing top Republican negotiators to only make a deal that meets the standards set by the now-infamous and difficult to please rank-and-file Republicans.

Obama reiterated his confidence that a deal would be made on time, saying in the CBS interview, "if it turns out that the other side won't budge on anything, then we're gonna be here every day until we get this done." Only 21 days left.

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