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John Boehner Unmoved By White House Debt Ceiling Pleas

'It takes two to tango,' the House Speaker told reporters

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In a press conference Monday, Speaker of the House John Boehner reiterated that House Republicans would not consider passing any legislation raising the government's borrowing limit that includes tax hikes. NPR's Mark Memmott captured Boehner's remarks in near-real time.

Said Boehner, "[Republicans] do not agree [with Obama] that the government needs more revenues through higher taxes on job creators."

Earlier in the day, President Obama urged House Republicans to "pull off the Band Aid" and vote for the White House proposal, which would increase the borrowing limit in part through "revenue enhancements," along with cuts to entitlement programs. Boehner responded with a metaphor of his own to describe the White House's inflexibility.

"It takes two to tango," explained Boehner, "and they're not there yet."

Update: As CBS News notes, Boehner emphasized that the disagreement with the White House was "not about closing loopholes," but about "raising taxes on the very people that we're asking to create jobs in our country."

He also didn't close the door on additional dealmaking with the administration.

"I understand this is going to take sacrifice and political capital on both sides. I'm certainly willing to take my share of it," said Boehner. "If we're going to take political capital, let's step up and do the big thing and the right thing for the country."

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