Glenn Beck Moves Israel Rally Citing Assassination Fears

Says it's not safe for him and his guests on the Temple Mount

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On his still-broadcasting radio show Glenn Beck said he is moving his "Restoring Courage" rally from the Temple Mount in Israel because his security team is "getting a little nervous" about possible assassination plots, the Huffington Post notices. Beck also says he has a few unnamed guests in the works for the August 24 rally, and he doesn't want them to have the same fate as Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated in 1995.

"Obviously that would be horrific in nature if something of... any kind of violence would happen," Beck said, and noted that when he found out that "40,000 Muslims would be on top of the Temple Mount.... I realized that it's more than just me." The former Fox News host says the security firms looked at where he wanted to set up his stage and warned him, "These people play for keeps in the Middle East." So Beck concluded, he says, "It is one thing to put yourself into a situation. It's another thing to put others into a situation."
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