DSK Rules Out a Plea Deal

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Lawyers for Dominique Strauss-Kahn are pushing for Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance to drop the case against the former IMF chief and say their client will not plead guilty to any charges in the sexual assault case, reports The New York Times. “Mr. Strauss-Kahn will not be pleading guilty to anything,” attorney William Taylor tells the paper. The Wall Street Journal says the defense is forcing the prosecution to face "two critical questions" before proceeding: "Are they convinced he sexually assaulted a hotel maid and, if so, can they prove it?" Meanwhile, the relationship between the maid accusing DSK of rape and the DA is falling apart, as her lawyer wrote a letter to Vance requesting that he step down from the case and appoint a special prosecutor—a suggestion Vance "promptly rejected." The primary frustration of the maid's lawyer, Kenneth Thompson, is that Vance jumped to "disturbing conclusions" after hearing a summary of  the maid's phone calls with a man in an immigration detention center, which suggest she was planning on setting DSK up. "Mr. Thompson said on Wednesday that prosecutors had told him that they were basing their conclusions on 'a digest of the conversation' rather than on the recording itself or a full transcript of it, which was in a dialect of the Fulani language of the woman’s native Guinea," reports The Times. The full transcript is still being analyzed.

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