Bunny Mellon Still Standing by John Edwards

His 100-year-old benefator says: "He would have been a great president"

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We've been hearing plenty about the wealthy 100 year-old Bunny Mellon recently, what with her being a central figure in the unfolding John Edwards trial currently scheduled for this fall. But, thanks to Newsweek, we now have a new, fuller profile of a woman who was previously known recently for allegedly giving $725,000 to then-presidential candidate Edwards to hide his affair with videographer Rielle Hunter.

As it turns out, Mellon doesn't seem to regret being affiliated with Edwards as the details of his possible campaign-finance law violations emerged (she was deemed his "Sugar Mama" by The Daily Beast earlier this year). In fact, she still seems to have what her grandson, Thomas Lloyd, described to Newsweek as "a crush" on the former senator. From the Newsweek profile:

Through it all, she remains an enthusiastic defender of the former North Carolina senator. "He would have been a great president," insists Mellon, who has been interviewed by the FBI but is not expected to testify. "He and I were great friends. Every time he’d go on a debate against Hillary, he’d call and we’d talk…I was so surprised when this thing came up."

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