Buddy Roemer to Announce White House Bid

The former Louisiana governor will officially announce on Thursday

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It's time to get to know another GOP contender: Buddy Roemer, former Louisiana governor, will formally announce his White House bid this Thursday in New Hampshire, Politico reports. Roemer had filed for an exploratory committee in early March, but has waited until most other contenders had already leaped into the race to make it official. But now that he's in, what's his message? National Journal says it's campaign finance: "He's committed to taking only contributions of $100 or less, and thinks the message of taking special-interest money out of politics will resonate with voters." We'll see how that pans out in a jobs, jobs, jobs election cycle.

As for his fundraising haul relative to the GOP field and the enormous war chest of the Obama campaign, Roemer's stash looks a little thin at this point. "According to his most recent quarterly filing with the Federal Election Commission, Roemer raised just $41,000--and $10,000 came from his own pocket," Politico notes. That puts him more on par with Rick Santorum than Mitt Romney.

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