Boehner and Pelosi Agree: Neither Wants to Go to Camp David

The sound bites from the debt ceiling debates just get stranger

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Republicans and Democrats can't even reach a consensus on how President Obama exited the room at Wednesday night's debt ceiling negotiating session, but there's still one thing Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi can agree on: neither wants to go to Camp David this weekend.

Pelosi made that clear in her weekly press conference, as rumors swirled that Obama planned to summon negotiators to the presidential getaway this weekend in the hopes of hammering out a compromise. ABC News provided the operative quotes.

"The only thing I hope he doesn’t ask us to do is go to Camp David. A drive down the street to these meetings is one thing. I want (Camp David) to be preserved as a place where a president can go to renew, to study, to prepare for the next week. I want it to be a place where the president takes heads of state to close out all other concerns and stay focused on resolving global problems. I don’t want it to be a place where the president has to continue to listen to some of this stuff.”

This prompted Fox News reporter Chad Pergram to inquire (jokingly, we assume), "You don't like s'mores at Camp David?" Pelosi answered, "S'mores?  No, I'm a Californian. I have five children, nine grandchildren. S'mores are big for us. I'd rather have them at home." Never let it be said that the debt ceiling negotiations didn't produce good sound bites: Pelosi sounds like she thinks Camp David is, in its best form, a combination spa and youth group retreat. After all, she followed up the response with "let's not say 'Well, we don't have to make any decision today on Thursday or Friday because we're going to have s'mores at Camp David over the weekend.'" Maybe Camp David really is about s'mores. We're kind of curious now.

According to the Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire blog, Pelosi delivered her remarks "just as [Boehner] was releasing a statement rejecting the idea--broached by the White House--of bringing the negotiating leaders to Camp David this weekend." They quote Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck, who says his boss discussed the idea of a Camp David summit with the White House, but felt there was "no need" for the trip.

Based on the sky-is-falling debt limit horror stories we've read,and that Moody's debt downgrade threat, we'd say there's definitely a "need" for more talks, but we're happy to see anything that resembles consensus, even if it's on the second home of the American President and a possible common feeling about the appropriate place to roast marshmallows. That's especially true now that Eric Cantor has been called "childish" by Harry Reid on the Senate floor, had his account of Wednesday meeting dismissed as "preposterous" by White House spokesman Jay Carney, and been singled out by Sen. Charles Schumer as the one person "basically standing in the way" of a deal getting done, all in the space of a single afternoon.

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