'What Hillary Whispered' Wins Every Caption Contest

The new Tumblr turned some heads today. Kind of like Hilary does when she whispers

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The last big Hilary Clinton meme on the internet, La Pequeña Hillary Clinton, popped up during 2008 primary season. and it was really weird. (You should not click through on that if you're unprepared to be totally perplexed and a little disturbed. So we were quite refreshed when we found 'What Hilary Whispered,' a one-day old Tumblr that so far is very funny. After all, Hilary Clinton talks to lots of very important, powerful people, and if rumors of her ascent to the World Bank Presidency turn out to be true, she'll be talking to even more. But what does she say? The anonymous blogger ventures some guesses and invites submissions. We've already sent one, but it's surely not as good as this one of Hillary whispering to Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner's wife. Or this one from a long lost Easter.

"Chelsea made it for me. SORRY!"

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