Yet Another Batch of Scantily Clad Weiner Pictures Released

He may be going to rehab, but the pictures keep coming

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If Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi thought that Weiner's trip to rehab might at least afford them a few days of peace, they thought wrong. Yet another batch of pictures of Weiner was released to TMZ, once again taken by the Congressman on his blackberry, and TMZ confirms that they were sent to at least one woman. The 11 photos show Weiner posing in front of mirrors in the House gym and, in some of them, grabbing his crotch. In one of the photos, Weiner is wearing nothing but a towel held over his groin.

Responses to the photos themselves have been lackluster this time around, as it's nothing the media hasn't already seen, thousands of times. Only Weiner, it appears, was endlessly fascinated by his own unclothed form. For everyone else, Weiner fatigue has already sunk in. Politico called Weinergate a "drip-drip-drip of a sex scandal" after the latest photos. This batch was taken at the House Members Gym, at least allowing a little halfhearted debate as to whether Weiner was using government resources. Gawker suggested, "Weiner should reimburse taxpayers for use of its mirror."

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