Source Says Rick Perry Is Running, Campaign Adviser Can't Confirm

Wall Street Journal says the Republican veteran source is "normally reliable"

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Texas Governor Rick Perry will run for president, an unnamed and "normally reliable" Republican campaign veteran told The Wall Street Journal Thursday afternoon. Perry's campaign adviser David Carney could not confirm that Perry had made up his mind, and actually sounded like he truly didn't know. "We don't have to cloak our intentions, because we don't know what our intentions are," Carney told the paper. USA Today challenged the WSJ report by citing a two-day old quote from Carney saying Perry was "50-50" on whether he'll run or not--a statement that's at best a paraphrasing of Carney's current statement and a point that the Journal made in their Tuesday coverage of Perry progess towards candidacy.

If true, the news provides a much-overdue update to the last report that Perry was going to "think about" a 2012 run. Perry's recent activity does show him speaking up on a more national level. After Donald Trump had cancelled, the governor spoke in his stead to a group of Manhattan Republicans earlier this week. "I find it ironic to be filling in for Donald Trump tonight," Perry joked. "He's known for saying 'You're fired.' We're known for saying 'You're hired.' That's what we do in Texas."

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