She's a Real Contender: Michele Bachmann Has a Book Deal

The Wall Street Journal's John Fund will help write the book, due out this fall

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Call it a rite of passage for the suddenly surging in polls presidential contender: Michele Bachmann is said to have inked a book deal for her memoir. As The New York Times reports, the unlikely debate winner has sold her book to Penguin Group imprint Sentinel. On board to ghost-write the political blueprint/memoir will be none other than Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund, who helped write Rush Limbaugh's 1992 book The Way Things Ought to Be. Bachmann is currently one of the only primary GOP contenders who doesn't currently have a book to peddle to the public (Pawlenty, Romney, Gingrich, Cain and Palin all have theirs). The unnamed book is conveniently timed for release this fall--right when Iowa campaigning truly heats up.

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