Forward-Looking Senator Saxby Chambliss Launches iPhone App

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Remember when everybody freaked out about members of Congress joining Twitter? How forward thinking of them! How open! How futuristic! Well, that didn't work out so well for at least one Congressman, so more and more U.S. legislators are exploring new ways of embracing technology. On Wednesday, Saxby Chambliss announced a new iPhone app for his constituents. He even made a YouTube video about it:

The new app is just another cookie-cutter solution from iConstituent, "the only company in Congress that provides a full spectrum of products and services to meet the needs of the most demanding Congressional offices." (That description from iConstituent's website could also ostensibly describe Office Depot, but whatever.) Joining nine members of the House of Representatives who also have iConstituent-built apps, Chambliss is the first senator to make his way into the mobile app space. The app lets constituents check on their representative's position on an issue in real time, participate in surveys, and access newsletters, video, and photos. Maybe Apple's gatekeepers will also help keep senators and congressmen from posting stray updates that ensnare them in scandals.

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