Ron Paul's Latest $1 Million 'Moneybomb' Day

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There is something Ron Paul is very good at: raking in $1 million in 24-hour fundraising hauls from dedicated grassroots supporters. His latest such "moneybomb" was this Sunday, where the libertarian firebrand raised over $1.1 million by positioning his "let's get rid of pretty much everything" revolution message against the creepily-scrawled "Romneycare" logo displayed below.

As the Paul campaign folks emailed to Politico, it's "the second time in as many months that the Paul campaign has pulled in over $1 million in a single day." The last moneybomb was tied to May's first-GOP-debate-that-nobody-remembers, where he differentiated himself from the also-ran candidates to the tune of another $1 million from supporters. Seeing as Paul's banner prominently displays "Round One" below, it won't be the last time he uses Mitt as a fundraising foil:

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