Anthony Weiner to Resign

The New York Times reports that he's already told friends he's stepping down

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The New York Times is reporting that Anthony Weiner informed his friends that he is planning to resign from his seat after being subject to harsh scrutiny for errantly sending a lewd picture of himself to all of his Twitter followers. He is planning a 2 pm press conference at a senior center in Brooklyn today to make the public address.

Last night, according to NBC's Chuck Todd, the congressman called Nancy Pelosi and fellow New York Congressman Steve Israel to inform them he was resigning. ABC News shares that Weiner hasn't yet "sent a formal letter to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo indicating his intentions" and the Los Angeles Times immediately speculates about the future of his vacated Congressional seat:

Weiner's resignation would trigger a special election in the 9th District. Though it leans Democratic, it could be ripe for a Republican pickup in what would be a very expensive and closely watched campaign.

National Journal's Major Garrett writes that the "tipping point" leading to the resignation appeared to be on last Friday, "when a relative of the Delaware girl [whom Weiner had sent Twitter messages to] told The New York Times that the messages were 'harmless' but according to the Times 'expressed concern that Mr. Weiner had communicated privately with the teenager, a high school junior.'"

This morning's other news was that House Democrats were likely to strip the disgraced Congressman of his key seat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, in a push to force his resignation. That doesn't appear to be necessary now.

In the past several days, Democratic and Republican leaders Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner have called on Weiner to resign, and the President has suggested it in an interview. Even though this website noted that the disgraced congressman's TV prospects might be bright, The New York Post's Cindy Adams sizes-up Weiner and paints a pretty bleak picture of his potential job opportunities:

He's seeking employment possibilities. Intermediaries have called around making quiet inquiries. He has no money. Wife Huma has no money. He has no skills. No law degree, no business degree. A lobby position, no. Municipal post, forget it. Teaching children? Duh. A think tank? I don't think so. And TV is already full up on maybe-sex-offender talk-show hosts.

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