Picture of the Day: 'T-Paw' License Plate in New Hampshire

T-Paw license plate.jpg

Some political supporters express allegiance with bumper stickers. But rare is the booster dedicated enough to take out a vanity plate.

For the past couple months, a New Hampshire volunteer for former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty's (R) 2012 presidential campaign has been riding around with a "T-Paw" license plate on his black Cadillac Escalade. "T-Paw" is the nickname, in the mold of "J-Lo" and "A-Rod," bestowed upon Pawlenty by the political class.

Despite the general dearth of political vanity plates on U.S. roadways, they're apparently enjoying a renaissance on black SUVs owned by Republicans. In April the media got wind of a black Lincoln Navigator bearing a "WTF 44" license plate (a reference to the 44th president, one can assume), parked every day in a Capitol Hill lot and, it was eventually discovered, owned by a staffer for Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas). We're one data point away from a trend.

If you own a car in New Hampshire and are also a giant fan of Pawlenty, all is not lost. While the standard spelling of Pawlenty's nickname is evidently taken, the vanity plate "TPaw" is still available in the Granite State, according to the New Hampshire DMV's website. And there's always the wrap option.

Image credit: Pawlenty campaign manager Nick Ayers