On Rep. Weiner and 'Fiduciary Duty' to the Staff

Joshua Green highlights the predictable but still funny Jimmy Fallon riff on Weiner's "staff."

Here is a message from a friend who has worked in politics for years including as a U.S. Senate staffer. It makes more concrete what I was originally trying to say, about the way one politician's indiscipline can affect the whole team he or she represents. My friend writes, referring to a fictitious fallen-politician in a novel but saying that the logic applies to the Weiner case:

>>...he has betrayed his staff and broken the fundamental bargain with them:  they will work to advance him and his causes, and subsume their identities and interests into his, and in return he will not engage in personal behavior that negates their efforts, embarrasses and humiliates them, and leaves them having wasted all the time they spent in support of him that they could have spent in support of someone else.  I think of it as a fiduciary duty that every Member of Congress owes his or her staff.  Seriously.<<

If you have worked in politics, you have an idea of how powerful this implied bargain is -- and why the reaction from staff and supporters to what they consider a breach can be so severe.