Newt Gingrich's Secret Mediterranean Cruise Looks Delightful

Newt and Calista Gingrich are on vacation just after announcing his presidential bid

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Newt Gingrich is flitting around the Mediterranean with his wife Callista just weeks after announcing he's running for president--a clue that perhaps he's not the most serious candidate, unless he's doing a bit of fact-finding with respect to the Greek debt crisis. The Gingrich's are aboard the Seabourn Odyssey, a luxury cruise through Greece and Turkey that costs a minimum of $2,499 per person. True, Gingrich probably needed a bit of R&R after the pounding he got the first week of his campaign, when he criticized Paul Ryan's plan to overhaul Medicare and then quickly retracted. But floating around Europe with former model and fellow cruiser Twiggy might not the best way to sell himself as a man of the people after revelations that he once had a $250,000 bill from Tiffany's.

Politico's Ben Smith first reported the Gingrich siting Monday, a week since the Republican's last public appearance. Gingrich's spokesman emailed Smith to say, "αριθ. Σχ?λιο"--Greek for "no comment." NBC News' First Read team says, "Fair or not, Newt's vacation only feeds the perception that he's not all-in to win the GOP nomination, but instead simply wants ALL-IN on the debates and conversation to so he can stay relevant as an author and commentator." Another unfair question: Was Gingrich's bikini body ready?

Photo from Daisuke Ido via Flickr.

From the Seabourn's website:

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