Jon Huntsman's Next Surreal Dirtbike Video

The candidate keeps on putting out cryptic, speechless announcement clips

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And here's Jon Huntsman's next bemusingly surreal campaign video. Two days ago, the cool-guy Republican debuted a cryptic, speechless clip of a man riding a dirt bike across a desert in an effort to differentiate himself from the usual earnest, saccharine competition. It worked. Just like the last one (which worked in a reference to his high school band "wizard"), today's offering involved a Huntsman tidbit. "Has seven children. One from India, One from China," reads the succinct sentence in the ad.

Now, however, we've learned who's the mastermind behind these clips. It's is none other than Fred "Demon Sheep" Davis. He was previously responsible for notable ads last election cycle including Carly Fiorina's ad and the memorable "I'm You" ad for the now very unmemorable candidate Christine O'Donnell. Still, we could get used to political ads with beautiful scenery and no political bromides (or even any words at all):

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