Update: Grand Jury Indicts John Edwards

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Update: It's official. The grand jury has indicted the former vice presidential candidate on campaign finance-related charges, according to the Associated Press.

Former suave trial lawyer John Edwards now has the opportunity to win over one more jury: he's expected to be officially indicted for using campaign funds to cover up an affair with Rielle Hunter during the 2008 presidential campaign. The Associated Press reported on Thursday evening that Edwards's lawyers were headed to Raleigh, N.C., to meet with prosecutors. ABC News reports his legal team is frantically working on a plea deal that would avoid the criminal charges.

In 2008, when Edwards was still viewed as presidential material, wealthy donor Rachel "Bunny" Mellon and now-deceased lawyer Fred Baron are alleged to have given payments of $700,000 to help cover up an affair that was later sensationally uncovered by National Enquirer. The then-candidate used those funds to hide a child with Rielle Hunter, was was then the semi-official videographer for his campaign. A tell-all book from former aide Andrew Young, now presumed to be a star witness for the government, also bolstered the potential case for the prosecution.

As ABC News noted, Andrew Young "estimated that it cost Edwards' benefactors $1 million in cash, private jets and hotel rooms to cover up the affair and Hunter's pregnancy." Weeks ago, the former Senator was reportedly unsurprised that he faced an indictment. As for Rielle Hunter? She looks like she's shopping around another tell-all book about the affair.

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