House Rejects Resolution Authorizing U.S. Libya Mission

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Update: The House of Representatives has rejected a Republican-led effort to cut off funds for the conflict in Libya in what The Los Angeles Times's Kathleen Hennessey calls a "surprising victory for the White House in its power struggle with Congress." That followed another House vote involving congressional authorization of the Libya conflict, which is detailed below.

The U.S. House of Representatives has rejected by a 123-295 margin a resolution that would authorize U.S. military operations in Libya in what The New York Times characterized as "an extraordinary and potentially bipartisan rebuke of a sitting president engaged in an active conflict abroad." The Times says that 70 Democrats joined all but eight Republicans in voting no on the measure. 

The House will take up a bill that would strip funding for Libyan operations later on Friday. The Times explains that the Republican-backed bill "would prohibit the use of money for military operations in Libya and  would allow financing only for support operations like  search and rescue, aerial refueling, operational planning, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance — essentially requiring an end to direct American combat activity like missile strikes." Whether or not it passes in the House, CNN notes it "is considered to have little chance of clearing the Democratic-controlled Senate." CNN adds:

Much of the House's disapproval of the Libya campaign is being fueled by a belief that Obama failed to sufficiently consult with Congress before committing to military engagement. Specifically, a number of representatives from both political parties say the administration has violated the 1973 War Powers Resolution, which gives the president 60 days to get congressional approval for sending U.S. forces to war, followed by a 30-day extension to end hostilities.

The combined 90-day period ended last Sunday.

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