GOP Keeps Hitting Democrats on Weiner Donations

With new developments in Rep. Anthony Weiner's scandal have come new attacks from Republicans.

As soon it became apparent that Weiner had carried on flirtatious relationships with several women over the last few years, the National Republican Congressional Committee called on Democratic lawmakers to return his political donations. Now that we've learned Weiner contacted a 17-year-old girl, Republicans again criticized Democrats for not returning Weiner's campaign contributions.

"Ed's refusal to donate Anthony Weiner's campaign contributions shows his firm support of Weiner's actions. If Ed is true to his campaign pledge, he'll follow the lead of his Democrat colleagues and donate Weiner's contributions to charity," NRCC spokesman Tyler Houlton said of Rep. Ed Perlumetter (D-Colo.) in a press release sent to reporters on Monday.

"Carnahan Silent on Weiner Messaging 17-Year-Old Girl," read the subject line of an email about Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-Mo.). "While leaders in his own party have called for Weiner to resign and have returned thousands of dollars in donations, Russ Carnahan continues to be silent on Weiner's unacceptable actions. Carnahan needs to come clean and return his disgraced colleague's cash today," NRCC spokeswoman Andrea Bozek wrote.

Unless a handful of Democratic House members return Weiner's donations, it's unlikely the NRCC will relent unless Weiner resigns or the scandal otherwise dies down. New revelations, like the news about the 17-year-old girl, are providing Republicans with more opportunities to harp on Democratic lawmakers.