Get Ready for a Deluge of Governor Palin News

Her 24,000 email pages as Governor are set for release later this week

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By early next week, the public will be reminded again that Sarah Palin used to be a politician instead of merely a heartland superstar. Fittingly, during her "One Nation" tour, 24,000 email pages of her time as governor will be relinquished by Alaska to the news outlets who requested them two years ago. While the Anchorage Daily News suggests that most emails will be scrubbed of  incriminating details, as "officials are also going to withhold another 2,415 pages the state deems privileged, personal or otherwise exempt," we're sure there will be reporters who find trends in the mountain of correspondence.

Since the notorious hacking of Palin's Yahoo! accounts during the '08 campaign, the media has thrived off of leaked email news. Vanity Fair has documented the petty infighting between her staff members, Todd Palin has looked like an uncomfortably powerful "first dude," and Sarah was noted to be complaining that the Alaska government wouldn't provide her a plane to fly to a family home. Then there was the former aide turned tell-all book author named Frank Bailey who's fed revelations about Palin's "secret" Facebook page, failure to honor commitments ("Getting Sarah to meetings and events was like nailing Jell-O to a tree") and repeated violations of ethics laws.

So it's safe to say the next email chapter will be just as entertaining. Stay tuned: the official release of emails this week is estimated to take "four days."

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