Do Not Ask Chris Christie Where His Kids Go To School

"It's none of your business!"

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New Jersey Governor Chis Christie doesn't like it when reporters ask him to provide details on his meetings with Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes.Nor, apparently, is he fond of New Jersey voters asking him seemingly reasonable questions about why he sends his kids to private schools. He made that clear when the subject came up during an appearance on local PBS call-in show On The Line last night. "It's none of your business," snarled Christie. "I don't ask you where you send your kids to school." Actually, his full answer was a lot longer than that. Have a look.

To be fair, by the end of the clip, Christie does tell caller Gail that "with all due respect" it was none of her business where his kids went to school. But we now have doubts about his ability to win a This-Or-That style debate.

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