Comment of the Day: Weiner's Photo Isn't Anatomically Possible

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Obviously the media can't get enough of Anthony Weiner's bizarre Twitter photo story--not least because he keeps handing out awkward responses completely failing to clarify the matter. In the absence of a clear explanation, commenter Mujokan undertook one of the more extensive analyses we've seen so far. Don't miss the part where Mujokan delicately discusses some of the anatomical problems presented by the photo.



It is a weird scandal.

From the Exif data on the purported original (which differs from that of the other photos on his account), Weiner took this photo using a Blackberry.

But instead of just emailing it directly from his phone, he uploaded it off the phone to a website where anyone could see it if they looked at his photos. Then he went to his official work Twitter account, and sent a link to the public website where he'd uploaded the photo.

This tweet (according to the screen-cap) not only sent the link publicly to this girl, but also put it into his main Twitter feed. It has his handle, her handle, and then the link. (Not the retweet, but the original tweet -- you can see it on Google images if you put in "weiner twitter"). So it wasn't just that he forgot the D to make it a private tweet. (I never use Twitter, but this is my understanding of how it works.)

Judging from the photo he allegedly sent, his johnson starts somewhere around the middle of his right leg, as opposed to the middle of his body as on most human males, and extends to the middle of his left leg.

The one person to grab a cap of this picture was one of a group of Republicans who'd been speculating about a sex scandal involving this girl for a few weeks.

I dunno. I am willing to give it a week or so to see what he decides to do re. the police investigation. I'm sure his only goal is to get it out of the news, but what the best strategy is for that I can't really say.

Yes, it certainly is. Then again, where are we placing the high ground, here? Thanks for reading everyone. Be sure to check out Open Wire, where you can share comments, tips, and links to the stories you think we should be covering.

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