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Comment of the Day: Palin v. Romney in Verse

An erudite limerick to round out the day

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Today we covered Romney's official candidacy announcement in New Hampshire. If Palin arriving by bus to host a clambake doesn't qualify as an attempt to steal the show, we don't know what does. This came right after she took a shot at Romney speaking at Bunker Hill in Massachusetts.

John F Dillon, who offers the "News Short n' Sweet" over at his Twitter account, decided to render the news in verse, and dropped the result down in the comments section with a little plug for his feed. If this is spam, we're fine with it.

At Bunker Hill, Palin conspiredTo guarantee Romney stays miredIn his health reform law;At the moment she sawThe whites of his eyes, then she fired.

News Short n' Sweet by JFD8

Points for working in the General Putnam reference, jfd8. Points.

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