Comment of the Day: Forget Breitbart, Weiner Got Himself Into This

A commenter hits the nail on the head

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Commenter Nathan Guest pointed it out hours before Andrew Breitbart hijacked Anthony Weiner's press conference to respond to those criticizing his decision to publish the Weiner photos: think what you may about Breitbart, but Weiner's only got himself to blame, here.

Ummmmm .... "prankster fulfills his promise to humiliate the congressman"? I think Our Congressman did that himself. Good judgement, common sense and logic are characteristics we expect out of the leaders in our country(at least I do). Breitbart wouldn't have anything to post if Weiner used those very same characteristics I listed above. Sadly, Breitbart is posting these photos and I would actually disagree with the fact he is, but it doesn't take away from the preceding actions of our Congressman. Come on people, stop being simple minded. Its not left, its not right, its not middle of the road, its taking the time to think logically.

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