Comment of the Day: Behind the Comments on the Newt Photo

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There's something about all the journalist faux-horror surrounding the alleged Newt Gingrich swimsuit photo that leaves us a bit uncomfortable. Commenter Eoghan01 nailed it, even making us reexamine our own wording to make sure it wasn't guilty of the sins Eoghan01 identified:

[sarcasm]Yes, I completely agree: fat, pasty people are revolting and pictures of them topless are gag-inducing. Newt Gingrich should be ashamed of having a plus-size body![/sarcasm]

Seriously, though, I don't see the connection between someone invading Gingrich's privacy by posting a private picture of (someone who is ostensibly) him and Anthony Weiner sending pictures of himself out on Twitter. These photo's of Gincgrich aren't particularly salacious, don't constitute a betrayal of his spouse, and really lack any of the key elements of the Weiner story.

I loathe Gingrich politically and think he's personally morally bankrupt, but are we really going to start mocking him for being fat while sunbathing near someone with a camera?

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