Can't Not Look at This Alleged Photo of Newt Gingrich

TMZ says it has a photo of the presidential candidate sunning on his infamous vacation

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TMZ reports that this is a picture of struggling presidential candidate Newt Gingrich sunning on Mykonos island's Paradise Beach during his infamous two-week luxury Greek cruise. Gingrich's staff denies the photo is of him, but some are skeptical. Reactions to the photo, coming in the wake of Anthony Weiner's self-portraits, run from disgust to horror. Everyone says they don't want to see it. Yet see it they do. And we, too, can't help but look.

A selection of people peeking out from between their fingers as they shield their eyes from the horror, the horror.

  • Chuck Todd: "Can we create a Twitter block on any shirtless (or pantless) photos for any members of Congress, former OR current please?"
  • Farhad Manjoo: "Newt Gingrich. The last person in the world you want to see topless. "
  • Chris Cillizza: "I will never be able to un-see this."
  • Glenn Thrush: "Newt in a bathing suit. Nuff said."

Despite those warnings, lots of people are looking at the picture. Like Ryan Lizza, who tweets, "Be careful when clicking on the topless Newt photo or this could happen to you," with this image:

Gingrich's new spokesman Joe DeSantis denies the photo depicts his boss, tweeting, "Just asked Newt...the picture on TMZ is not him...remarkable resemblance though."

Still, it forces one to consider the possibility that Anthony Weiner took so many funny pictures of himself topless because he knew he was, physically at least, a congressional outlier.

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