Breitbart's X-Rated 'Insurance Policy' Photo of Weiner Leaks

Breitbart, whose not happy about the leak, confirms it's real

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Andrew Breitbart said he wouldn't release his final photo of Rep. Anthony Weiner, an X-rated close-up, because the congressman had owned up to his Internet affairs. But he'd hold into it, he said Tuesday, as "an insurance policy" in case Weiner tried to get revenge on the blogger. Unfortunately for Breitbart--and for Weiner--that policy no longer holds, because on Wednesday a pair of radio DJs seem to have leaked a photo of Breitbart displaying the money shot on his iPhone.

Breitbart appeared on Sirius XM's The Opie and Anthony Show as part of his media tour in which he's gloating that he was right all along about Weiner. It seems he was so proud of his trophy he had to show it off. Gawker's Adrian Chen calls the image a "meta-leak."

Update: Salon's Justin Elliott notes that Opie and Anthony have been involved in hoaxes before, like falsely claiming the mayor of Boston had died. Breitbart hasn't commented on the photo.

Update II: Breitbart confirms the photo is real and that the photo of it being displayed on his phone was taken without his permission and in "complete breach of our arrangement," he told Fox News. "I'm mortified."

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