Boehner Strenuously Objects to Both Libya and Kucinich

He wants Obama to justify Libyan intervention, but doesn't demand a pullout

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House Speaker John Boehner will introduce a Libya resolution Friday that's meant to offer Republicans an alternative to the one sponsored by Dennis Kucinich that would end the intervention within 15 days of its adoption. GOP leaders pulled Kucinich's resolution yesterday, fearing that enough of their members would join with anti-war Democrats that the measure could actually pass. Boehner's resolution asserts that the White House has not sought authorization for war nor has Congress granted it, objects to putting boots on the ground in Libya, and gives President Obama 14 days to justify the intervention to Congress  Roll Call's John Stanton reports.

In a meeting with Republicans Thursday, Boehner said it would be dangerous to hand over the House floor to Kucinich, Stanton reports. The speaker urged members not to support his fellow Ohioan's measure, and it looks like he won many of them over--Boehner's resolution "appears to have sucked some of the momentum out of Kucinich's sails," Stanton writes.

Lawmakers' worries about the Libya mission reflect "what they are hearing from their constituents" Boehner told reporters, Bloomberg's James Rowley reports. They're "a bit weary about the amount of money we've spent in Iraq, in Afghanistan and that we are spending in Libya." Obama needs to "step up" and explain why we're there, Boehner said. Two other resolutions offered by Republican members of Congress note that Obama hasn't asked Congress for permission to go to war, as required by the War Powers Act of 1973.

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