Anthony Weiner and Wolf Blitzer's Very Awkward Encounter

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Just when it looked like Rep. Anthony Weiner's had reached maximum foot-in-mouth capacity in his pushback against that provocative photo somebody posted to his Twitter account, he went on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer this afternoon and managed to hit new levels of groin-photo ambiguity. After again denying he sent the image, Blitzer asked if he's ever taken photos "like this" before. Weiner replied that "there are photos out there" (He gave a similarly cryptic/smarmy reply when reporters asked him a few minutes earlier if he was in the photos. "There are photographs of me in the world, yes," he said.) At which point Blitzer brought out the heavy artillery, showing the image and asking "You would know if these were your underpants?"

At which point the room started getting fuzzy.



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