Adorable Piper Is the Where's Waldo of Palin's Bus Tour

Palin's 10-year-old daughter looks fascinated and amused by the media madness

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Sarah Palin's presidential campaign bus tour is being billed as a family vacation, and the most visible member of the Palin pack along for the ride is little 10-year-old Piper. As the former Alaska governor is mobbed by media all along the East Coast, Piper's head pops up among the microphones, usually looking curious, maybe a little amused, sometimes wearing a pair from her apparently large sunglasses collection. Piper is the perfect age for this unusual family roadtrip--old enough to be fascinated by other humans, not old enough to be too cool to have fun. Take a look at the photo lineup.

In New Jersey, via Associated Press.

With Donald Trump in New York, via Getty Images.

Viewing the Liberty Bell, via Associated Press.

Piper behind her mom at the veterans' motorcycle rally Rolling Thunder in Washington, via Getty Images.

Via Associated Press.

Via Associated Press.

At Gettysburg, via Associated Press.

In Philadelphia, via Getty Images.

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