Video: Sarah Palin at D.C. Motorcycle Rally

Sarah Palin appeared at the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally in Washington, D.C. on Sunday for the first stop on her East-Coast bus tour, mingling with bikers, earning praise from some, and drawing reporters and fans that frustrated a few of the riders in attendance.

This from Politico's Andy Barr:

Organizers of the annual veterans motorcycle ride were clearly frustrated by the media attention and fuss brought by Palin, and the bikers weren't as encouraging as the Palins. Yelling, and in a few instances, shoving, they tried to keep away press trying to snap photographs or capture a rare quote. ... Don Dicks, who later posed with Palin in the background as he put both his thumbs up and his tongue out, repeatedly yelled at fans and reporters near his motorcycle: "Back up from my bike! Stay away from my bike!"

Here's video of Palin at the rally:

More footage from Fox: