Trumpdate: Let's Not Talk About the Birther Thing

Stump self-pitying speech in New Hampshire slams media, and praises torture

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Why do so many people love to hate Donald Trump? Is it because he is so rich, so successful, so good at his "deals"? Depends on who you ask. Ask a dedicated Trump hater, and he or she will say no. But ask Donald Trump, and he will loudly say yes. The Donald took his pity party up to New Hampshire, Wednesday, and he didn't take his birtherism with him. This is Trumpdate.

  • Birtherism? Whatever Trump offered only a quick reference to the birther conspiracy theory that propelled him so far in the polls before President Obama released his long-form birth certificate and Trump crashed back down to fifth place. He told the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce, "I took on the president. I was very strong, I said put up your birth certificate. Now whether I was right in doing that or wrong, I don't care."
  • Did the Press Just Neg Me? "All of my life I have heard that very successful people cannot run for high office. I have just heard it many times," Trump said in New Hampshire. "Nobody said it was going to be easy, but I had no idea I would get hammered the way I got hammered over the last three or four weeks. I think it is a compliment; I'm not sure."
  • No Apprentice Finale Announcement Trump won't get to declare his presidential campaign on Celebrity Apprentice's season finale after all. Sounding "a little miffed," NBC Entertainment told National Journal's Lindsey Boerma that Part 1 and 2 of the finale were taped back in November, "So there will be no opportunity for him to do something like that." Trump had indicated otherwise, saying, "I am thinking of saying on the live finale of The Apprentice on May 22 that in a few days I will be making an announcement about my decision... I might ask the two finalists if I should run for president. Of course, if they're intelligent they'll have to say yes, since I'm about to fire one of them." Pants on fire!
  • Jon Hamm: Trump Can't Take a Joke On Conan O'Brien's show, Jon Hamm said he had the "best seat in the house" at the White House Correspondents Dinner because he was right behind Trump's table. "And watching that dude who has no problem telling other people what to do and giving other people trouble, actually take it? He didn't take it very well," Hamm said. "That was a rough table. I was actually sitting next to Zach Galifianakis and we were laughing very loudly to the point where I kind of checked in with him and I was like, can we kind of tone it down? These are funny jokes but he's right there."
  • Torture Is Okay, Because 9/11 Was Torture Trump detailed his stance on civil liberties in New Hampshire, the "Live Free or Die" state that's home to the libertarian Free State movement. "Enhanced interrogation. We're so political correct. Isn’t that another word for torture?" Trump said. "And you know what? The people I watched jumping off the World Trade Center, that was torture. ... In terms of torture, in terms of enhanced interrogation, we would not have caught bin Laden without it. That's how we got to him."
  • Another Generation of Trump Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump showed off her baby bump Wednesday night. Here comes the next great American political dynasty!
  • Ivana Is Sick of This Trump's ex-wife Ivana told a friend, "I wish he'd stop it... It would be terrible for us if he ran. It would be a disaster," according to the New York Daily News. The friend explained, "She gave the impression that she doesn't welcome the scrutiny that his political flirtation has brought on their family." But Ivana's spokeswoman said "Ivana is very much for it. She thinks he'd be a great president... What [Ivana] said is that it would be tough on the family because, if and when he runs, they will be under more scrutiny. ... There will be more paparazzi,  more reporters and, therefore, less privacy." That's a sentiment Cheri Daniels can identify with.
  • Empty Penthouse This is what the empty 89th-floor penthouse of Chicago's Trump Tower looks like, according to Curbed Chicago, which has more photos of the apartment. Trump was going to use it, but after the housing bubble popped he put it up for sale. It's been empty since 2009.

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