Texas Republicans Can't Wait to Harangue Obama

The state's GOP doesn't feel its wild fires got enough federal attention

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Texas Republicans can't wait to give the President a piece of their mind when he visits their state on Tuesday. Lawmakers, notably Gov.Rick Perry, have been criticizing Obama since the President "chose" to lavish federal attention on and visit tornado-stricken Alabama instead of their wildfire-ravaged state. "You have to ask, 'Why are you taking care of Alabama and other states?' I know our letter didn't get lost in the mail," an outraged Perry said almost two weeks ago.

That sentiment has only grown louder. "It certainly feels political and feels like Texas is getting snubbed here," said Rep. Randy Neugebauer to Scripps News. "You can almost make the case the administration has a vendetta against Texas," said Rep. Michael Burgess to McClatchy. Not only are lawmakers still incensed about not getting enough FEMA aid, they're also angry at little things: like the city of Houston being passed over in favor of New York and Florida to receive a retired space shuttle.

One former Democratic lawmaker (who naturally preferred to stay anonymous) seemed to imply to McClatchy that Texas has been getting a taste of its own medicine:

"We've done everything we possibly could to be offensive to the Obama administration," said the Democrat, a former Texas elected official.

The Texas GOP will be even more pleased to learn that Obama plans to revive the immigration reform culture wars on their turf with a major speech when he visits El Paso tomorrow.
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