Members of Congress Mull Over Looking at Bin Laden's Death Photo

McCain says he's "seen enough dead people," but Feinstein says she "likely will"

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Osama bin Laden's postmortem photographs have been made available for members of the Senate and House Intelligence and Armed Services committees to view. The date of the voluntary viewing hasn't been posted but it will take place at CIA headquarters in northern Virginia, according to CIA officials. By our count, that gives more than 100 members of congress access to the "gruesome" images. But not everyone wants to take a peak. “I’ve seen enough dead people,” said Senator John McCain, a ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. "I am convinced that he is deceased, and I don’t need any further proof,” added Democrat Jack Reed, a fellow member of the committee, in an interview with Politico. Still, others have expressed a willingness to see the photos. "I actually haven't thought much about it, but I likely will," said Democratic senator Diane Feinstein to CNN. Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado Springs told the Denver Post he "absolutely" wanted to see the photos, which he'll be able to given his membership of the House Armed Services committee.

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