Sarkozy Warned DSK in 2007: Easy on the Ladies

The London Times revisits a warning the French president gave to DSK

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Apparently he can't say he wasn't warned... In 2007, before Dominique Strauss-Kahn headed off to Washington as head of the IMF, French President Nicolas Sarkozy dropped him a prescient hint, reports the Times of London  from behind its paywall (there's also a CBS writeup here). "Over there they don't joke about this sort of thing," said Sarkozy, referring to the sexual mores of American society. "Your life will be passed under a magnifying glass. Avoid taking the lift alone with interns. France cannot permit a scandal." According to the British newspaper, Strauss-Kahn's reputation for chasing skirts was so widely known, Sarkozy tried to head it off. When confronted with the news on Saturday about Strauss-Kahn's arrest, Sarkozy reportedly rolled his eyes, saying "We did warn him," according to his aides.

That's the second vivid Sarkozy-DSK anecdote to come out the sexual assault scandal, to which Strauss-Kahn plead not guilty on Monday. The first involved a behind-the-scenes meeting during the G20 summit in Pittsburgh in 2008. Strauss-Kahn is rumored to have met Sarkozy in the men's bathroom telling the president to "tell your boys to stop (spreading rumors about my private life) or I'll go to court." Strauss-Kahn also told journalists he could envision "a woman (who I supposedly) raped in a car park and who had been promised 500,000 or a million euros to invent such a story." The latest revelation will surely add to the mythology already surrounding this affair.

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