Poll: Number of Birthers Has Been Cut in Half

Now 86 percent of Americans say President Obama was born in America

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Remember last week's big story? You know, the one about Obama and where he was born? The country apparently has moved on. In a new poll, the number of people who doubt Obama's citizenship has been cut in half since President Obama released his long-form birth certificate, with 86 percent of Americans believing he was born in America or saying that's their best guess, the Washington Post's Jon Cohen reports. Just 10 percent of Americans think the president was born in a foreign country, half the number who thought that in a poll conducted by the Post a year ago. And even those people are mostly birther-lite, saying it's their "suspicion" Obama was born overseas. Only 1 percent say they have "solid evidence" the president was born somewhere else. A year ago, only 48 percent of Americans said Obama was born in Hawaii. That figure is now 70 percent. The group showing the biggest decline in birtherism is conservative Republicans, 16 percent of whom are birthers, down from 35 percent in 2010.

Chart courtesy Washington Post/ABC News

Photo by the White House via Flickr.

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