Outside Money Floods New York House Race

Maybe because it's the only federal election happening at the moment, New York's 26th District special election is drawing significant interest from outside groups pouring in cash. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Moveon.org, the liberal group, emailed supporters Friday seeking donations to help Ms. Hochul's get-out-the-vote effort.

"Winning here may be the best way to save Medicare,'' said the fund-raising email. For her part, Ms. Hochul says the race is "absolutely'' a referendum on the recently passed House GOP budget, which would end Medicare as a fee-for-service program for people under age 55 and replace it with a series of subsidized, private health plans.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said it would spend $250,000 on advertisements in the race.

American Crossroads, a conservative group that spent tens of millions of dollars to support Republicans in last year's congressional elections, plans to spend more than $700,000 on ads to support Ms. Corwin.

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