Obama to Visit Ground Zero Thursday and on 9/11

He's expected to meet with families of the victims

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The president will be visiting New York's Ground Zero on Thursday, just days after announcing that the United States had killed Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. While he's expected to be meeting with families who lost loved ones during 9/11, the Associated Press didn't mention if Obama was planning on giving an address at the site this week.

Today, in a news conference, Mayor Bloomberg said that the president is also planning on making his way to Ground Zero for the ten-year anniversary of the attacks on September 11th. Of this week's trip, Bloomberg told reporters "It's a very emotional moment in the country now...It's perfectly appropriate for him to come." Since bin Laden's death was announced, the site has seen crowds arrive to mark the occasion and mourn loved ones. The New York Observer quoted one reveler who said the celebration was the "closest thing to being insanely happy and united."

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