Newt Gingrich's Fundraising Machine

The "stale" candidate has raised more money than all potential rivals combined

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It seems as if every recent profile of Newt Gingrich ends with a quote similar to this one in the Wall Street Journal by GOP strategist Mark McKinnon: "At a time when people are hungry for something different, new and refreshing, Newt just feels stale." So, count us surprised when the Journal trotted out this little statistic about the presumably uninspiring, gaffe-prone and polarizing Gingrich:

His network has amassed more than 1.7 million voter and donor contacts and raised $32 million between 2009 and 2010—more than all his potential 2012 rivals combined.

Again, Newt's fundraising prowess doesn't appear to have any root in tangible grassroots enthusiasm (the Journal notes that he's a "solid fourth" choice in most polls). But there he is, fanning the flames for his pet causes in organizations American Solutions and Gingrich Productions that may make Mitt Romney blush in comparison. American Solutions, in particular, brought in over $28 million  in donations last election cycle, below only the Democratic and Republican governor's associations. As far as "stale" candidates go, his operation looks stronger than whatever Sarah Palin has been planning.

Update: Which may be why he's officially (finally) announcing his candidacy on Facebook and Twitter this Wednesday, according to the AP.

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