The Mother in Arnold's Love Child Scandal Is Named

The gossips are digging up all the info they can find on Schwarzenegger's housekeeper

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So, the "household staff" member that Schwarzenegger had a child with has been named: it was a housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena. Radar Online broke the news citing a antonymous source saying, "she's the one." TMZ, having a field day with the coverage, ran with dueling pictures alleging that Maria Shriver's son and Baena's child were born less than a week apart in 1997. ABC News has independently confirmed reports about the name of the woman.

Earlier this morning Maria Shriver made a brief appearance on Oprah but didn't address the scandal head on, saying to the sypmathetic host: "You have shown love, support, wisdom, and most of all...the truth."

Yesterday there was plenty of speculation about who the woman was, with Gawker being the first to report that an airline stewardess on Arnold's personal jet, Tammy Tousignant, was the staffer noted in the Los Angeles Times story.The site has since changed their stance ("while he's still a Schwarzenegger love-child, he's not the latest Schwarzenegger love-child," reads an update) though the kid in question has denied the rumor.

Here's the latest details we've observed. The Los Angeles Times already reported that Baena had been working in Arnold's home for two decades, and TMZ says she "began to pursue" him in the '90s. The New York Times, trying to tease out some hindsight from Arnold's neighbors, reported that some of them "now believe the child was an occasional presence in the house." Schwarzenegger had previously said in his statement that he only told Shriver that he had a child after recently leaving office as California governor.

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