Arnold's Scandal Gets Messier; Maria Shriver Hires Attorney

The latest details of the evolving Schwarzenegger love child scandal

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Now everyone has the birth certificate of the child Arnold fathered with his housekeeper. Yesterday, after Radar Online revealed Mildred Patricia Baena to be the mother, TMZ obtained the birth certificate and noted that Baena's child and Maria Shriver's son were born only days apart in 1997. Today, CNN and ABC confirmed the news and added more tidbits to the circus-like scandal. Meanwhile, Maria Shriver, unsurprisingly, has just hired prominent divorce attorney Laura Wasser.

It's just another day in Arnold's new life as ex-governator. Today, CNN ran with the obligatory news that Schwarzenegger has been paying for child support since the kid's birth over a decade ago. Once reporters learned that Baena lived in the sweltering desert of Bakersfield, California they swarmed the residence only to find that the housekeeper wasn't present. ABC was content to talk about how much money Arnold will legally have to provide the family. Not much, says their expert: "He's on the hook for child support potentially but not spousal support or property division because these parties aren't married."

In the still-tabloid-news-for-today realm, TMZ is writing that Arnold "dropped a fortune" on lavishing Baena's family with luxuries. Radar Online notes that another woman who long ago alleged having an affair with Schwarzenegger, Gigi Goyette, has decided to lawyer up with Gloria Allred. And E! Online cites "various media reports" to say that "Patty" (the housekeeper's apparent nickname) has three other kids aside from Arnold's love child.

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