Federal Prosecutors Seek to Indict John Edwards

Criminal charges for campaign finance law violations could come within two weeks

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Update: Edwards lawyers are currently in "last-ditch" plea deal talks to avoid felony charges, reports The Wall Street Journal. The Associated Press has upped the timeline for a potential indictment, saying it may occur "within days"

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It's been long speculated but, according to an ABC News source, the Justice Department will soon seek to indict John Edwards for allegedly using campaign funds to help cover up his affair with then-videographer Rielle Hunter. A potential plea deal or the announcement of an indictment could occur within two weeks, claimed CNN affiliate WRAL News.

In 2008, before his political career effectively imploded, wealthy donor Rachel "Bunny" Mellon and now-deceased lawyer Fred Baron are said to have given Edwards payments of $700,000, which were then used to help cover up the affair. What John Edwards knew about the cover up, however, is in dispute. In March, we noted that ABC reporter Steve Daniels had outlined this as the key question in the case: "what did John Edwards know about the use of that money? Did he know that these donations were being used to help hide the affair?"

We may find out soon: WRAL sources noted that Edwards "wouldn't be surprised if he's indicted."

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