Why Barry Bonds Never Came Before Congress

Disgraced San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds has been found guilty of obstruction of justice by a grand jury in his steroids trial. One slightly odd footnote to Bonds's story is that he never appeared before Congress alongside other soon-to-be disgraced sluggers like Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmiero, and Miguel Tejada. This despite the fact that speculation about Bonds using steroids was already in wide circulation when the famous House Oversight Committee hearings on steroids in baseball took place. Why was he never called? The formal answer to that question is that Tom Davis, the Republican chairman at the time, who had subpoena power, chose not to summon him. The informal answer, I'm told by several folks in the know, is that Davis feared that having Bonds testify would be too much of a media circus. In any event, it's good to see that justice has been served.