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Donald Trump is apparently getting more serious about running a real presidential campaign. That means he has to hire staff and answer tough questions about his earlier political activity. But Trump's got one thing going for him that many other aspiring candidates lack: a wife that's totally game for all the scrutiny that comes with a presidential race.

  • In a interview with The Daily Beast, Donald Trump told Meghan McCain that he was considering hiring veteran Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio. But it seems Trump didn't quite have Fabrizio in the bag: Fabrizio emailed the reality star to say, "I spent a good deal of time reflecting over the weekend about our talks and the possibility of working together in your potential campaign... While I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to get to know each other better and I am flattered by your considering me for your potential campaign, I respectfully decline the opportunity and therefore withdraw myself from consideration," The Daily Caller's Jeff Winkler reports.
  • Trump defended himself against reports that he gave a lot of money to New York Democrats by saying that "everyone's Democratic" in the city, "So what am I going to do--contribute to Republicans? One thing: I'm not stupid." But, as Salon's Steve Kornacki notes, that doesn't explain why Trump gave former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel $50,000 to run for mayor in Chicago, or $32,000 to Democrat Ed Rendell to run for governor in Pennsylvania.
  • Trump also didn't bother to vote in a single primary election for 21 years. As he explained on Fox News Monday morning, "I mean, generally speaking, I like to vote. I'm a believer in voting, I will tell you. ... But when they don't run a Republican candidate or when the Republican is scheduled to get 6.2 percent of the vote, it's sort of pretty tough to travel 1,000 miles in order to vote."
  • But Trump can console himself with this: as other 2012 contenders have to deal with their spouses very publicly expressing reluctance to become the human pinata that is the candidate's wife, Trump's wife Melania is excited about the potential race. In an interview with the New York Daily News' Lindsay Goldwert, Mrs. Trump seemed happy to imagine a White House life, saying her QVC jewelry line would fit right in. Living in the White House is about "not just being a first lady" but "bringing your own style." Of the current FLOTUS, Trump said, "She would look great in my jewelry."

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